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rare flowers

Rare Flowers in the World – Flowers are the only thing in this world which can explain itself, whit its amazing aroma. Flowers always have wonderful colors and specific shapes. Where some of them are easy to get and some are rare. If you imagine about the flowers which are rare and expensive too then these flowers are covering everything you look around.

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Rare Flowers Names And List.

  1. White Lotus
  2. Youtan Poluo
  3. The Snowdonia Hawkweed
  4. Shenzhen Nongke Orchid
  5. A Sea Poison Tree
  6. Attenborough’s Pitcher Plant
  7. Rafflesia Arnoldii
  8. Night-Blooming Cereus
  9. Middlemist Red
  10. Lisianthus
  11. Lady’s Slipper Orchid
  12. Gold of Kinabalu Orchid
  13. Kokia Cookei
  14. Kadupul Flower
  15. Jade Vine
  16. Hydrangea
  17. Golden Parrot’s Beak
  18. Black Bat Flower
  19. Gibraltar Campion
  20. Ghost Orchid
  21. Flame Lily
  22. Corpse Flower
  23. Chocolate Cosmos
  24. Saffron Crocus
  25. Bleeding Heart
  26. Hooker’s lip

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The list of the unusual flowers is really amazing to know about the flower, to know why these flowers have been listed to the sheet of the rare flowers in the world. Just feel the odor of flowers and get ready to know about the rare flower in the world.

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White Lotus

White Lotus

Also known by many other names like the tiger lotus or Egyptian white water lily. The origin of the flower which actually belongs to the family of Nymphaeaceae is the Southeast Asia and East Africa. This white and green colored flower floats on the water. This flower is one of the rarest flowers in the World which always make your aquarium beautiful.

Youtan Poluo


There is the proverb about this sweet little flower that it bloom in every 3 thousand years. However, many scientists are still in doubt about this statement. The mystery may surprise you but Youtan Poluo is the real rare flower in the world. The structure of this flower is quite small. The white color is the next focus of this extremely rare flower.

The Snowdonia Hawkweed


Decades before the flower was become extinct, which really rare flower in this world. It was discovered again in 2002, blooming on a mountain slope in Wales. The last seen of this amazing flower was 1953. And the world has been accepted that the flower has no more life. But, now the situation has changed.

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid


The flower is not nature’s gift it was completely man made and the name of the flower belongs to the group which conducted this whole experiment. The amazing story behind this rarely available flower was, it took almost eight years to grow. The price of this flower may surprise you which is around €170,000 which is really expensive. However, to feel its beauty you have to wait around 4-5 years(it take almost 5 years to bloom). Beside of everything, this is one of the rare flowers in the World, which have a delicious taste also.

A Sea Poison Tree


The solid fighter who grows on the sandy and rocky sight. The tree is a large in size and large leaves also at the end of the branches. The total architect of the flower is beautiful and awesome. The mixture of pink and white colors is absolutely rare to see. The leaves are pinkish and bronze. These rare flowers always bloom in the night.

Attenborough’s Pitcher Plant


These amazing rare flowers have a very interesting background. Stewart R. McPherson, Volker B. Heinrich, and Alastair S. Robinson discovered this plant from the heart of the jungle. This was the amazing discovery ever find. After the British naturalist, Sir David Attenborough the flower gets his name. As the story of the flower is amazing and related to some great names of the science, this flower is one the rarest flowers in the world.

Rafflesia Arnoldii


The actual origin of this rare flower is the rainy forest of Indonesia. It is considered as the largest blooming flower in the World. The plant doesn’t have visible roots or stem, so it is considered as a parasitic plant. It adds itself to a master plant to get water and nutrients. When this flower blooms it smells terrible. This smell attracts insects that fertilize the plant.

Night-Blooming Cereus


One of the oddest flowers in the desert, the night-blooming cereus, is a part of the cactus family that follows extinction more than a lifeless plant most of the year. It is rarely observed in the wild. However, for one midsummer’s (St John’s Day) night each year, its exquisitely perfumed blossom unfolds as night falls, then ties forever when the sun says good morning.

Middlemist Red


The real origin of this rare flower was China, but around 2 hundred years ago Britain imported Middlemist Red. Around 2 hundred years ago flowers was considered as the luxury item in Europe. However, now this rare flower found at Greenhouse in the UK and in New Zealand (Listed to the Most Peaceful Country).



The look of this flower is amazing, bell-shaped blossom with light purple petals which gives this flower an amazing look. They grow in summer from the overhead leaf axils plus they come in multiple colors covering white, different shades of pink, lilac, deep purple, and blue-violet.

Lady’s Slipper Orchid


The origin of Cypripedium species is starting from the North America to some part of Europe. This charming small plant has only two petals, which branch out from the core where its single blossom stalk also rises. The unique flower seems just like a lady’s slipper, tied tightly except for a small crack in the front. The flowers grow up in many shade and colors from white, deep pink and yellow.

Gold of Kinabalu Orchid

rare flowers

Have you ever listen about Rothschild’s Slipper? If yes then, this flower is actually famous with its pet name Gold of Kinabalu Orchid. The flower is really rare to see and nominated to the sheet of the most endangered flowers of the world. Amazingly, the flower takes up to fifteen years to bloom, that’s what it is the really rare flower. This rare orchid can be recognized by its petals. Plus this is considered as one of the most expensive flowers in the world.

Kokia Cookei


Kokia Cookei is also nominated for the most endangered plants in the world. The history of the flower interesting and a way long too, it was discovered in 1860’s. In earlier 70’s the last plant of the rare flower was discovered again, however, in 1978 a fire destroyed everything related to this name. However, a branch of the rare flower was separated and next engrafted onto a related class at the Waimea Arboretum. If you are looking for the most rare flowers in the world; don’t forget to mention this one.

Kadupul Flower


Originated in Sri Lanka this is a rare beautiful flower found in the world. The flower got two different colors: white and yellow. Kadupul emits the amazing aroma which will take your heart away. The scientific name is Epiphyllum oxy petalum.

Jade Vine


The flower was originally seen by the scientist by Westerners in 1854. However, history of this flower is also amazing and interesting. The scientist was searching for other species but discovered this one at northern island of the Philippines. From the day one of its discovery the vine is considered as the rarest flower in the World.



Hydrangeas, that comes in varieties, which can grow in the sun or dark, allow large aromas of gathered flowers, in several arrangements. Families of hydrangea change in plant measurement and flower colour, shape, and flowering period. The only difficulty is that Hydrangea is a little too cost for someone who has to pay many bills.

Golden Parrot’s Beak


Which is also famous with its another name, The Lotus Vine. The actual origin of Golden Parrot’s Beak is the Canary Islands which bloom once in a year. If we talk about the structure, it is really rare to see. The golden-yellow flower has its own position in the list of the rare flowers in this world which generally blooms in summers.

Black Bat Flower


Originated in Asia, Tacca Chantieri plant this is also known as the Black Bat Flower bloom wild in places like the hot forest in Yunnan Province, China. These wonderful plants can get up to 36″ tall. Plus their flowers can produce big bloom up to 12 inches. Which blooms are two different colors, where white is easily available as the black is most rare.

Gibraltar Campion


This beautiful flower is supposed one of the unique, rare and is located on the high hills of Gibraltar. The flower was confirmed dead in the late 1970s, however, the research approved all stamps in 1992 which has proved that everything related to this flower has vanished. After 2 years in 1994, a hiker found something strange and related to Gibraltar Campion, it was the last single unit of this plant.

The last seed of the flower was transferred to the Millennium seed bank and now its blooms in the Alameda Gibraltar Botanic Gardens. This is one of the greatest Botanic gardens in London (England). If you still want to see a rare flower, then visit London.

Ghost Orchid


Ghost Orchid is the most respected flower in the United States. This flower was discovered by Jean Jules Linden in Cuba in 1844, which is the cheapest place to travel in the world. The name of the flower suits it, plus the bizarre look makes the rest of the explanations.

Flame Lily


This is also famous as Gloriosa Superba. Flame Lily look stunning with striking red and yellow blossoms, However, all parts of this flower are dangerous especially the roots which is notably poisonous and can cause death if eaten. No matter what is the story behind this flower, but this is the really rare flower in the earth.

Corpse Flower


This flower is also known as the Carrion flower. Those are the wonderful flower which smells really strange. The smell mostly attracts the insects and the flies. However, it seems like house plant but, also listed to rare flowers to see.

Chocolate Cosmos


Very rare flower and you can’t believe it the name of the flower actually show its nature. This is a chocolate scented flower. This originated the Mexico. If you are really listing something on the rare flowers, you should don’t forget to miss this one.

Saffron Crocus


This flower is quite hidden in the world which is originated in Crete, Greece(Cheapest Place to Travel). Saffron Crocus is the really rare flower that gives an equal rarer and expensive, spice named saffron. However, the flower developed in Greece but it slowly planted to most of the suitable countries like; North Africa, North America, and Oceania.

Bleeding Heart


If you are looking for the rare flowers in the world, this is the star of your sheet. The splendor look in a heart shape makes it more amazing. The most attractive feature of this plant and flower is its piled foliage. It increases in moist forest gardens along with greenery and other shade-lovers. Bleeding Heart flower’s colors combine white, pink, red, and yellow. It flowers in spring and can bloom sporadically during the summer in cold areas.

Hooker’s lip


Which is also known as the Psychotria Elata, it got the name Hookers lip just because of its shape and look. Hookers lip looks like wrinkled lips of a woman with stunning red lipstick. The rich color attracts the insects to complete the process of pollination.

The list was really long of the rare flower. If you have any of these rare flowers then comment its name in the comment box. We will love to read your opinion.


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