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Signs He Loves You

Signs He Loves You: He loves me! He loves me not! Every girl would have played this game of plucking petals of a flower. But ladies out there, finding love is not an easy task; and definitely not as easy as plucking flower petals.

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It needs time and caution from your side to be sure that the man in front of you will take you to the paradise of love. For some of you, it would be the first time you are feeling this emotion. For some others, it would be an attempt to heal their already broken hearts.

The man you are swooning at might be your knight in shining armor and he might not be, as well. He might be the prince on a white horse you had been waiting all your life or a devil in disguise. So how would you know if he is the right one? Well, we bring for you a checklist which would help you know if he really loves you or not.

1. Signs He Loves You: He Is Honest To You

signs He Loves You He Is Honest To You

Honesty is the base of every strong and pure relationship. It is the key factor to determine if your man really loves you or not. Does he tell you about his daily life? Or does he lie to you about trivial things?

Has he told you about his previous relationships or does he dodge your questions every now and then? Well if he is honest, it is a sign of his true love and if he is not, then you need to stop and check!

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2. Signs He Loves You: He Respects You

Signs He Loves You He Respects You

Every woman commands respect and it’s the duty of every man to treat her with due dignity. The man who sits at the highest altar of your life should be the one who respects you the most.

He cannot be chivalrous one day and rude to the next. He cannot regard you as a deity one day and a trash the next day.

3. Signs He Loves You: His Actions Convey His Love

Signs He Loves You His Actions Convey His Love

Many a time men find it difficult to express their feelings, then how would you get to know if he really loves you? Well, check out his actions. Does he look affectionately at you? Does he care for your pangs and blues?

Does he seem interested in knowing how your day passed? Does he kiss your forehead before going down to your lips? If yes, then the girl he is the one. Just grab him tightly and don’t let him go ever.

4. Signs He Loves You: He Treats You As An Equal

Signs He Loves You He Treats You As An Equal

A man in love treats his better half as an equal half. So if you are looking for signs that he truly loves you, don’t miss this point. Does your boyfriend value your thoughts and opinions as he values his?

Does he asks for your thoughts and opinions on important matters or just goes his way? Does your way of thought hold a place in his life and decisions? Answers to these questions will let you know if he loves you or not.

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5. You Can Trust Him Without Any Second Thoughts

You Can Trust Him Without Any Second Thoughts

Can you trust your man with your life and honor? Or do you get second thoughts when you are with him? Imagine life with a person whom you are suspicious of, as regards your life and honor.

Well, such a relationship would be futile. If you have found a man whom you can trust more than yourself, who wouldn’t betray whether you are conscious or not, get hold of him. He truly loves you.

6. Signs He Loves You: He Cares For You

Signs He Loves You He Cares For You

A man cares for the woman who holds her heart and life. Does your man care for you? You will know he does if he notices your teary eyes. He loves you if he can see the monotony behind your smile. He loves you if he treats your friends and family like his own.

He loves you if he checks on if you are doing well or not. He truly cares if your comfort makes him comfortable and your discomfort causes him unease. Random texts from him, sweet surprises, and unexpected gifts all are signs that your man is the perfect choice for you.

7. He Is Vocal About Your Relationship

He Is Vocal About Your Relationship

Does your boyfriend introduces you to his friends as a girlfriend or does he conceal your relationship? It is a very important aspect in judging if your boyfriend loves you. A man who actually loves you will always let his people know about you and your beautiful relationship.

Have you seen a hint of pride in his eyes when he talks about you? Does he hold you close when he lets his friends meet you? Have you witnessed a spark in his eyes when lets people know you? If yes, then it’s a sign that your man actually loves you.

8. Signs He Loves You: He Spends Time With You

Signs He Loves You He Spends Time With You

Are you spending your life with a person who is always there for you or with a man who is engrossed with his chores only? A man who loves you will take out time for you, plan dinners or take you out for walks or shopping.

He would skip meetings just to surprise you on your birthday and take you out for your favorite movie. But, if your guy doesn’t even have the time to reply to your texts or take your calls, then girl you need to think twice. If you miss him after being in a relationship, then something is lacking for sure. And in many cases, the lack is of love.

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9. He Brings Back Your Lost Smile

He Brings Back Your Lost Smile

True love is tested in times of despair. Is your boyfriend there for you when you need him the most? How he reacts when you are teary-eyed of full of gloom? What does he do when you get disappointed and distressed?

A man who truly loves you will always be there to make you happy and suck all your pain and tears out of you. If you always find his shoulder to lean down when you are dull, then it’s a sign he loves you. If he acts silly just to make you smile, then that is an indication of his undying love

10. He Values Your Dreams And Ambitions

He Values Your Dreams And Ambitions

This is an important indication of a man’s love. Merely saying “I love you” is of no use if your man can’t value your aims and ambitions. The man who actually loves you will show interest in your aspirations and dreams.

He would support you in your ambitions and help you achieve them. If your boyfriend loves you sincerely, then he would not look down upon your future plans or mock them.

Love is something that can make you or break you. It is the best as well as the worst kind of emotion. Love can either make you life a living dream or worse than hell. So be sure of the man that you give your heart to.

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Observe his behavior, his traits, and his actions before you welcome him in your life. Be sure that he is considerate enough of your thoughts, emotio, s and feelings. Make sure you are his priority and his future dream.

Be sure that he is proud of you and thinks high of you. A man who is uncaring, dishonest and unfaithful doesn’t deserve your time and penny.


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