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simple and easy drinking games

Simple & Easy Drinking Games – If you are a college student, then attraction towards games and drinks are common. It can help to accelerate the process and tons of variants are here. But, few games are available that supports cell phones.

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When you start research over the easy drinking card games, then get a list of hundreds. But, it is difficult to select one of the best ones that perfectly matches the situation.

Evenly, if you are in a group so you need such kind of game that is suitable for all. Some quick drinking games are good for two individuals, few are perfect for 4 people and much more. So, these conditions are applicable when you searching the game.

Find the easy drinking games that perfectly suits your situation. Refer this list that is based on different and best simple yet easy drinking games

1. Bomba Drink


This is one of the well-known and famous game in the category of drinking games. Bomba is specially designed for cell phones and people enjoyed it very much. It is free of cost, just download from the Google Play store and install.

The Bomba Drink is completely based on the hot potato and same approach work in entire process. Players have to pass the device at last till the bomb will go off in the game.

When the bomb goes off, then that individual has to consume alcohol. Before you can pass the device, the person has to answer a typical query. People can play this game in four different modes.

One of them is Classic – it doesn’t give punishments. Hence, anyone can play the game and learn easily. Drinkers can easily maintain their budget because it is available without paying money.

2. Circle of Death: Easy Drinking Games

Most of us are already know about the Circle of Death – an easy drinking game. This game is famous by several distinct names like – Ring of Fire, Kings and so on. People can play it with 52 cards deck which is a standard of the game. Plus, if you are looking for the outdoor drinking games then you can try this simple and easy drinking game as well.

It starts with draw a card in each round and person have to do according to the card. It means, what the card shows, the player has to follow it. It is different from other simple drinking games.

With this difference, the player can add extra cards randomly so that they do anything different. This game is absolutely free of cost but didn’t test by any professional user. As there are various bugs that we didn’t recognize.

3. Drink-O-Tron: Simple Drinking Games

This is a kind of Kings or waterfall game that has phrase off. It is a customizable game and not limited to 52 cards deck. So, don’t take the stress, players can opt any card as per their mood. They can modify their experience of easy drinking games.

On the other hand, people can play same as the other games with cards. When you want to play the free version of Drink-O-Tran so it has 20 cards. If you need extra packs then, pay $0.99. Purchase the full version at $4.99 and it is available with every game pack.

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If you did the factor reset option or change new handset, then contact the developer. This is the only disadvantage of Drink-O-Tran game.

4. Drink or Doom: Easy Drinking Games


It is one the most famous and highly spirited drinking games among all. The Drink or Doom is a kind of board game that gives you the motivation to complete the drink. It provides you several challenges that can force the players towards the drink. This game contains its 50 challenges and gives the opportunity to add extra ones around 500.

Be careful when you are playing because few ones are extremely suggestive. No need to play this game with unknown individuals. Try to take benefits of drink game with friends. If you are interested in playing the Drink or Doom game, then download and install it on your cell phone. Easily available at Google Play Store.

5. Simple Drinking Game by Evilbit

The name of this game is not boring. In fact, it claims and motivates you to get drunk. Players have to guess about the next card, just like the riff of lower/ higher. Unlikely to another card game and identity what is next. As we know, there are n number of games that gives chance to challenge another player. Such games are not bigger ones.

The appearance of this game is quite simple, but effective in nature. In spite of appearance, players feel excited and enjoyed very much during the game. The creators advertise the free version of this game very badly. But, still, players want to play the pro version of Drinking Game worth $2.99.

6. Game of Shots

Game of shots is one of the finest easy card drinking games for mobile. Individuals can choose variants of this game and enhance their fun as well as other players. Users can switch any of the available types and do more fun. These types are same as various classic games such as The Coin, Kings and so on.

If you want to add some unique games, then it can move you towards drink fast. It allows 8 people to play together. Also, have an option to share any stuff on Instagram. When you share your playing stuff on any social networking apps, so people can see about your game. This is also a way to do advertisement and game are free of cost.

7. iPuke

People can play this game for a long time and most favorite game for drinkers. During research of fun easy drinking games on the web, it comes on the top of the list. Usually, players find such kind of game that can play for a duration as per their mood.

Every player has to turn two drawing cards. As the game reveals, each card has a number that has a different number of points. Players can opt any one according to their requirement. If the first/ second player gets the specific score, so he or she will be the winner.

In iPuke, few of the challenges are a little bit risky like other ones. Hence, try to avoid playing with strangers. You can try this game with the free version or unlock the pro version at $1.99 in the form of application.

8. King of Booze

when we talk about “King of Booze” drinking game, also comes under the list of long time game. Users can install and play this game on mobile. Earlier, we discuss the Drink or Doom game, it is just similar to that.

In spite of that, players can reverse the game board and select the challenge or drink. It means people can either take a challenge or drink. The developer of both the games is same as the consideration of professionals.

If any person plays Drink or Doom game and King of Booze, so they never shocked to see identical challenges. You can also design your own challenge and try around 110 that are available. The King of Booze is cost effective – free.

9. Kings


This is a basic and most significant card game. Players get the no-frills experience when playing the Kings. When you want to design your own set of rules, so it allows every player to do this.

As there are few users not like the present ones, so they create new rules. It has the simple version that can easily understandable and available on google play store. The pro version of Kings worth $1.00.

10. Seven

This is the last and one the simple drinking card games with the card. A huge variety of cards is available in this game around 400. Each and every card contains some task or challenge that a player has to be finished.

If any individual thinks that 400 cards are not enough to play, so they can design their own ones. It has three different modes of the game which depends on the way of plastering. The control of this game is simple and play with so many individuals.

The Kings are an extremely enjoyable drinking game and famous between the players. Find out on the play store and read all the instructions carefully.


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