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smartest animals in the world

Smartest Animals in the World – Humans are the most intelligent creature on the earth. However, there are many creatures that are wiser and smartest to amaze anyone. Unlike the computational and mathematical skill, these animals excel in tasks as per their habitat. Dogs, chimpanzees are the few creatures you might have known till now for intelligence. Still, there are lots that can be admired. So let’s read who are in the list of top 10 smartest animals in the world:

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1. Chimpanzee (Smartest Animal)


Sharing the 99 percentile of DNA, chimpanzees are the closest to the human intelligence. Among all the smartest animals in the world besides humans, the chimpanzee is on the top. They live in social communities, adapt to different environments and complete tasks with teamwork.

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They know the smartest way to do work using tools. These creatures can be observed using stones to open nuts and leaves to soak up water. Chimpanzees are the only animals which can learn sign languages and can recognize themselves in the mirror. Plus you should check out some interesting facts about pandas which will make you laugh.

2. Pigs


Yes, you have read it right. Pigs are often considered as the dirtiest animals, but the reality is far away from their muddy look. They are the wisest of the smartest animals on the earth. According to a research, a middle-aged pig is as smart as a three-year-old human baby. They had been observed using mirrors to find out their food, using tricks to fool their partners, and play video games with joysticks. Unlike the perception about them, they are quick learner and cleanliness lover.

3. Bottlenose Dolphins


Dolphins are the cutest and smartest animals in the world. It is scientifically proven that dolphins are among the largest brain animals. They are known to be the best friend of humans in the water. They live in the community and can communicate with other dolphins as the humans do. This aquatic animal develops their individual identity through the unique vocal whistle.

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They interact with other dolphins by mimicking the whistle of that dolphin. It’s same as humans interact calling each other by their name. Dolphins are self-aware and can recognize themselves in the mirror. According to Discovery News reports, dolphins have complex brain structure and have emotions as humans.

4. Elephants


Being the largest land animal with bigger brains, they make an amazing intelligence among the smartest animals. With compassion, friendliness, empathy and social behavior make them close to humans. They are known to have an amazing memory and impressive learning skills. The low trunk animals communicate through the seismic activity. Like other smart animals, they also live in the community.

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5. African Grey Parrots


Though they are known for their adorable mimic ability, parrots are also among the most intelligent animals in the world. Of all the parrots, African Grey parrots are considered highly intelligent. The most interesting thing about this creature is that they actually have wonderful counting ability and vocalization skill. On an emotional part, grey parrots are termed as highly sensitive and can have behavioral issues finding any change in their daily routines. That’s quite complex moody isn’t?

6. Rats


Rats! Yes, Rats are among the smartest animals in the world. They possess the ability to think called metacognition. Rats can make logic decisions as humans do. Researchers say that they are as emotional as the humans are. Characteristics like social bonding, relating with their owners, learn their names, self-awareness is found in them. The most amazing thing is they can also dream as the humans. In fact, they are observed to demand time for playing and interacting with their owners.

7. Dogs


Except for the title of “Men’s Best Friend”, Dogs are the smartest animals in the world. And when it states smart, they really meant it. They can be tamed, ordered and made to adjust in any circumstances. These loving animals can understand and feel like humans. Love and compassion of this friendly creature are known to everyone.

It’s their love only that makes them sacrifice themselves in order to protect and save lives of their owners. Smartness of these creatures can be witnessed often where humans and machines fail. Their help is often taken in various forensic, searching and crime fields.

8. Pigeons


There is the lot more than just flying; Pigeons are the best example of this. Studies say that pigeons have good problem-solving skills. Another ability that makes pigeon one of the most intelligent animals is the ability to learn. You will be amazed to know that pigeons can actually learn abstract mathematical rules. These beautiful birds are able to recognize individual people based on the facial characteristics.

9. Octopuses


Intelligence and octopus! You might think about the FIFA Predictor “Paul the Octopus” but the truth is that the whole species of octopuses is among the world’s intelligent animals. In invertebrate, octopuses have the largest brain having neurons close to an adult human brain.

A common octopus has about 130 million neurons. The most interesting thing about their neurons is that 3/5 of them are not in the brain. These neurons are in their arms, so each one has its own mind. Due to this they can even cut their arm in case of any danger.

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10. Squirrels


These creatures may seem small animal, however, you cannot underestimate the intelligence of their brain. They mainly focus on finding food and so shows mostly of their smartness in finding and hiding it. With an ability of fast learning, they can quickly learn any stealing trick from their peers. These tricks they pass along to their generations. Even the memory is so sharp that they can remember each and every place of their storage.

Isn’t this list is full of amazement? But there are many of them which are hunted and are at the verge of extinction. If they are not shown the compassion or humanity then the intelligence of humans will be a waste to nature and its wonders. However, there are so many animals which do amazingly stupid things which makes them dumbest animals explore them.

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