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Stupid Animals- We made you familiar with some of the smartest animals in the world and now we bring you some of the dumbest animals in the world. Dumbness according to us means that these animals do some things that will surely make the watcher say “God! That’s stupid!” From the cute and cuddly pandas to the ostriches and a breed of dogs, here is a list of some of the dumbest animals and examples of their dumbness that will surely make you say, “That’s Dumb”.

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1. Panda


Pandas are known all over the world as the cutest animals. These white and black colored bears are cuddly and fluffy. However, they are also one of the dumbest animals on earth. These animals are extremely lazy. They are so lazy that they don’t even bother to keep themselves alive. They are carnivores in nature but prefer to eat bamboos instead which are less nutritious.

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They do not even try to mate. They prefer sleeping instead. The female pandas do not even realize that they are pregnant and give birth in ignorance. They got so surprised and freaked out by their own babies that the females sometimes kill the crying baby. This is also one of the reasons that these animals are extinct.

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2. Sloths


Sloths are the slowest animals in the world. They are dumb in many ways. These animals are also considered some of the cutest animals in the world. They are usually found hanging by the tree branches in the jungle and sleep on the branches. However, they poop only on the ground. Hence, they come down from the trees once a week to poop and due to being slow end up being hunted by the predators. Another dumb thing that the slots do is that sometimes they grab their own limbs thinking of them as tree branches and fall on the ground and die. This is not so cute, is it? You may even find it in the list of the smallest animals in the world.

3. Turkey


Domesticated Turkey is considered one of the dumbest animals in the world. Although they are one of the most bread poultry animals, they do have some really dumb habits. One of these habits is that they only drink water when it is falling from the sky. They often drown and die while doing this. They also have a tendency to stare at the sky for 30 seconds or more. This habit might not seem as dumb however they stare at the sky endlessly when it’s raining. That’s pretty dumb! Isn’t it?

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4. Kakapo


Yes, Kakapo has been included in our list of top dumb animals. Even though this bird looks like an Owl but in reality, it is a parrot with no wings. Now we know that both parrots and owls are two of the most intelligent bird species in the world. However, the Kakapo does not seem to have the intelligent gene. These birds when faced with danger freezes on the spot, making it easy for the attackers or the poachers to catch them. Additionally, the females have no eagerness for sex or reproduction. This makes them one of the most endangered species in the world. There are only 150 Kakapo left.

5. Koala


Koalas are cute, cuddly and the inspiration behind numerous toys. However, they are also animals with the smallest brain to body ratio. No matter how cute, they are pretty dumb. The level of their low intelligence can be proved by the fact that they cannot recognize food even if it is kept in front of them and eventually die of starvation. They feed on eucalyptus leaves that offer low energy and are not at all nutritious. However, they cannot adapt to any other green leaves. They are lazy, to say the least. They also get easily panicked when faced with an unusual situation.

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6. Cane Toads


Found in Australia, the Cane Toad is one of the weirdest animals in the world. These toads have some really weird behaviors that make them one of the dumbest animals or better say Amphibians. These toads can be seen humping anything and everything. They can hump things that are dead or alive. In the wild, these creatures can be seen humping dead animals such as snakes, lizards, female toads or other such things. These creepy looking creatures are poisonous and omnivorous. The fascinating thing about these Cane Toads is that the female can lay 30,000 legs in one cutch. Explore the list for worlds weirdest animals and you will get it there as well.

7. Squirrels


Everyone has seen squirrels around them. These tiny animals are present in most parts of the world. They live on the trees and have a habit of collecting food. So, what makes these cute animals one of the dumbest on the Earth? Well, it’s their food storage habits. They smartly collect the food and hide it in secret places so that no one else can find it. However, when the time comes to consume the stored food, they forget about the hiding place. They forget the secret hiding place and have to search for the food again.

8. Flamingos


Flamingos are famous all around the world for their beauty. These are considered one of the most beautiful animals on earth, and they usually live in groups. These birds have an off habit of sleeping only on one leg. Also, they have really weird preying techniques. These birds feed on fishes and stand for hours in the lake to catch their prey. However, the reason they have to wait for so long is that they turn their beaks upside down in order to catch the fish. Doesn’t seem like the smartest way to catch your food right?

9. Ostrich


We all know Ostriches as one of the biggest flightless birds. It is also known for laying the largest eggs in the world. However, who would have thought that they can also be really dumb in some aspects of their life. When the Ostriches feel that danger is approaching them, they hide their face in the sand and think that no one is watching. This makes them vulnerable to getting harmed by the other animals. Additionally, if we look at the structure of their skull, their eyes are bigger like a billiard ball. So, there is no space left for the brain in the skull; hence they have a small brain.

10. Afghan Hound


Sure, dogs are one of the smartest animals in the world. They feel emotions and can make smart decisions if trained well. However, not all breeds are equally smart. Some of the breeds are pretty dumb and cannot be trained easily. One of such breeds is the Afghan Hound. This beautiful long haired dog might look attractive, but when it comes to following orders, they just lack the intelligence and understanding. They are extremely sensitive and always follow their rules. They do not listen to the commands of their owners. It seems as if the hair on the ear does not let anything reach their brain. They are one of the hardest dog breeds to train.

11. Pangolin


Most of you might be wondering, why Pangolin has been included in the list of the dumbest animals? This scaled mammal who is one of its kinds does some really stupid things that put its life in danger in most cases. Pangolins are found in Asia and Africa, and there are eight species that are found in these areas. These animals have a thick scaled armor that protects them from most of the predators whose teeth cannot break their coat easily. However, these creatures have really poor eyesight. They can only look for their food through its smell.

The reason we have put them in the dumb category is that of their defense techniques. These animals are not very fast; hence in the case of an attack they do not hide or run. They just roll up. Although their scales are really hard and can cut through the skin of a predator and they can emit noxious-smelling acid from glands near their anus; they usually do not use any of their strengths to fight the animals. Their scales do save them from other animals, but these cannot save them from humans. They are on the verge of extinction and also are one of the most trafficked animals in the world.

12. Lilac Breasted Roller


Lilac Breasted Roller is one of the most beautiful birds in the world. This colorful bird is the native to Kenya and Botswana and is also their national bird. However, we would like to point out the fact that this beauty does not come with a brain. This bird is believed to live a monogamous life and mates with only one partner in their life. When it comes to nesting, it has a temptation for tall perches. This makes the nest unsafe. Additionally, they are also unafraid of the human approach. This means that they do not run away even if the humans come extremely close to them, eventually getting caught by the poachers. The fact that it is not smart enough to keep itself safe makes this beautiful Lilac Breasted Roller one of the stupidest birds. However, we are glad to say that even after its stupid behaviors and poaching, this bird is not endangered.

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13. Goblin Shark


Ok! You must be wondering as to why the Goblin Shark who is one of the unique animals on the earth included in the list of the top dumb animals. We will give you an answer. The dumb or stupid quality about these sharks is that they are extremely lazy. While hunting for food, these sharks do not move from their place. They hide and wait in the dark for the prey to come to them, and it opens its jaw wide so that it can catch and eat the prey. It’s lazy, and hence it qualifies as dumb.

14. Jerboa


The last animal on our list of the top 14 dumb animals is the native to North Africa and Asia and is one of the cutest animals you will find. It is none other than the Jerboa. This two-legged jumping rodent is too cute to be included in our list but what can we say, they do some really dumb things although they are able to keep the predators at bay with their jumping. However, when it comes to finding food and hiding from the predators, they need much more energy than the other animals of their size, and hence they get easily caught. They also do not drink water and take it from their food. So, in case of not finding food, they also die of dehydration.

So, do these animals remind you of someone? Do you think there are any more such animals that could be added to the list? Let us know in the comment section below. Take a look at the other animal-related articles on our blog and make sure you share this interesting list of top dumb animals in the world with your friends and loved ones.

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