Top 10 Cheapest Places to Travel

Top 10 Cheapest Places to Travel

Top 10 Cheapest Places to Travel: 

If you love to travel and this time you want to visit some cheap place then this list of Top 10 Cheapest Places to Travel. These places to visit will surly help you. Take a look.


Hey backpackers! Good News for you. Traveling World is not affordable for everyone. If you are one of those who want to travel around the globe and looking for the cheapest places which are really loving and admirable then you need to visit this list before start packing. Here are the World’s Top 10 Cheapest Places to Travel to visit which will take your heart away.

  1. Thailand

    Thailand elephant

    Rural islands, a rich history and culture, beaches, amazing food and all of these adventures available at very low cost will make your mood to pack the visit Thailand. Despite the chronic ways through the country, it’s not difficult to get apart from the peoples. Visiting Nakhon Si Thammarat for amazing food station at a low cost will be the awesome part of your life. If you want to visit World cheapest place then put this name on top.


  1. South Africa

    South Africa
    South Africa mountain

    If you want to gain some Safari experience, you must note this name to your list “South Africa“. And the amazing thing about this trip; it in your pocket. Move to Hluhluwe-Imfolozi to see white rhino, plus unforgettable hiking will show you the real nature. And don’t miss out to stay a few days in the capital Cape Town. This country has many cheapest places to visit, just go ahead and start discovering.


  1. Vietnam

    Vietnam mountains-and-hills

    Despite an extraordinary rate of development over the decades since the end of the American War, Vietnam continues marvellous value for Western visitors. The country’s prominent attraction is its majestic countryside. This city offers you many cheapest place to travel starting from limestone karsts, blissful beaches, exciting cities, gorgeous waterways, paddy area of Mekong Delta and many more. Now after visiting such amazing places you are really hungry; don’t in only a few dollars of spending you can easily get delicious food just go to a pho stall and grab a stool.


  1. Uruguay


    If you’ve previously visited Argentina and Brazil or are just looking for a much better destination, head instead to bystander Uruguay. You’ll be comforted to listen you can yet find great steak here; plus, there lots of beautiful beaches to pick from – start to CaboPolonio for reserved sands and plentiful wildlife – and the gorgeous old capital of Montevideo


  1. Cuba


    Cuba is a Caribbean island country following communist rule. If you are looking to spend your holidays with low-cost traveling then you should book your tickets to Cuba. You will enjoy yourself at salsa clubs at Havana(Capital City), at Varadero Beach. The most amazing thing is whatever you gonna do here you hardly want to quit it. Visiting this country is not much costly that’s why in the sheet of the cheapest place of the World to visit Cuba got its name.


  1. Prague, Czech Republic

    Prague, Czech Republic
    Prague, Czech Republic

    Prague is the one of the cheapest city of Europe. If you and friends are actually looking to hang out your bachelor trip you should visit Prague. For just a some Czech Crowns you can experience a friendly meal, wiped down with pure local beer, of course. The city itself is an absolute beauty, packed full of history and complete for comfortable travels by foot. The food, water, beer, local markets: everything you can easily afford.


  1. Greece


    You can’t miss this country just because of the economic crisis, currently, the economic situation is all the more intent to travel Greece and to support the local crowd. This country always has many amazing places to visit at the cheap cost. If you want to help the people, and discover the world, plus looking at your pocket size too, then you can put this name on the list of your travel book.


  1. Guatemala

    Guatemala antigua

    If you imagined you could live a regret-free life without touring Guatemala, think again. This small Central American nation, less than the state of Louisiana, carries in enough variety to invite you for months. And the plus point is the low prices of visiting here and traveling around this country will not make your pocket weak.


  1. Bulgaria


    For budget travelers, this is also a good option to visit. However, its unfairly ignored as the holiday destination. If you love to visit desert beaches than you can book a trip to Bulgaria. The desert beaches of this country are affordable. If you looking for some of the cheapest places around this planet then don’t forget this name.


  1. India

    bada-bagh India

    India This multicultural country is one the cheapest countries of the World. If you are a budget traveler then you can pack your stuff to India. India is a country where you can travel at very low cost. Starting from stunning beaches of Goa, Temple of complete south India zone, Desert of Rajasthan, Food of Mumbai’s street and don’t forget to travel to the capital of country Delhi. If you don’t want to spend more money while traveling you can visit India.


You just pack your stuff and start your tour of these cheapest places to visit. Till than we will discover more cheap place to visit over the earth. This list of the cheapest places to visit will help you to set up your traveling. After a visit don’t forget to comment in below comment box. Our last post we all talk about http://benefits-of-travelling-alone so you also think about that.



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