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Top 10 largest cities in the world – Explore the Beauty of World

Do you know Top 10 largest cities in the world? Is there any kind of measurement that can calculate which one is the biggest city in the world or not? All sorts of answers related to Top 10 largest cities in the world list are available here.

Our world is full of natural beauties and lots of unique adventures. The list of the largest cities in the world is a hot topic among the travelers those wanting to explore new places and things.

The below-mentioned list will describe you why and what the biggest city in the world? Read carefully and collect all the desired information.

1. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo japan
Tokyo japan

The Population of the first largest city in the world is around 35,700,000 and areas of land is 13,500 square kilometers.

Tokyo is the business capital of Japan, home to the Japanese government, the Japanese Emperor and Imperial Family. It was broadly harmed amid World War II and remade following the war to end up on the world’s most powerful and energizing urban communities.

Today the city offers a kaleidoscope of shopping, eating and touring alternatives that demonstrate the numerous novel qualities of the Japanese culture to incredible impact.The world’s biggest megalopolis.

2. Jakarta, Indonesia

jakarta Indonesia

Situated on the north bank of the Indonesian island of Java, Jakarta is the biggest city in Indonesia and the capital of the nation. It has seen gigantic development in the course of the most recent decade, surpassing most different urban areas on the planet as far as populace and monetary development.

Jakarta is one of the World’s Largest cities that consist 28,300,000 population and 6,392 sq. km area. Indonesia’s history incorporates a long stretch of pilgrim manage which finished amid World War II.

Today Jakarta and Indonesia all the more for the most part are flourishing as the nation develops and thrives in the 21st century.

3.  Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea
Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is the biggest city in South Korea and its money related, business and authoritative capital. It is one of the biggest business urban communities on the planet with a significant number of the world’s Fortune 500 organizations based here.

What is the biggest city in the world? This is a common query that most of the individuals search on the web. Seoul is one of them that has 10,400 sq km area and comes under the largest cities.

A significant part of the urban community development has happened since the Korean War in the 1950’s and like numerous other Asian urban areas there is an interesting blend of the old and the new.

The city’s rich history goes back a large number of years, giving an astounding exhibit of custom engineering and city arranging, together with current high rises, office structures and flats.

4.  Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China
Shanghai city, China

If you want to know about the biggest city in the world, then this article will give you a list. Shanghai covers around 6,340 sq km area in the China. Shanghai is China’s greatest city and is the center point of exchange and back for the nation.

As anyone might expect Shanghai has the busiest compartment port on the planet and is home to huge numbers of China’s biggest enterprises. The Shanghai Stock Exchange is the third biggest on the planet in light of turnover.

The city has dramatically increased in populace since 1982, to a great extent mirroring the statistic development of individuals from provincial regions into the urban areas. This has seen a mind boggling measure of advancement which has included a cutting edge overlay and around the old Shanghai.

As one of the principle transport centers of China, Shanghai has an expansive concentrate on accommodation and tourism. With a rich and brilliant history there are a horde of alternatives for visitors from around the globe. This is a 21st Century megalopolis of the most energetic thing.

5.  Delhi, India

Delhi, India
jama-masjid Delhi, India

There is truly no real way to portray Delhi, especially ‘old’ Delhi, but to state that it is an exceptionally instinctive affair. The mass of human life and movement is very stunning. While this may not be’s some tea, the city has an extraordinary scope of activities and see that try to get around the place more than benefits.

As the capital city of India, Delhi has an incredible history. It easily mixes British imperialism, Islam and Hindi, and present day free enterprise in a hodgepodge that is unadulterated India.

6.  Manila, Philippines

Manila, Philippines
Manila, Philippines


Manila is the capital city of the Philippines and, alongside Quezon City (QC), that is additionally a piece of the more extensive Manila Metropolitan region, its principle business focus. It has a history that pre-dates the Roman realm and was once known as the Pearl of the Orient due to its area in the ocean exchange courses around south east Asia. All the more as of late it endured real demolition in World War II.

While it is without a doubt a major, clamoring city, there are an extensive variety of general critical locales, bunches of shopping, games and stimulation, and an extraordinary choice of settlement from the spending plan through to gaudy.

 7.  Karachi, Pakistan

Karachi, Pakistan
Karachi, Pakistan

Karachi is the money related, business and assembling focal point of Pakistan and its principal seaport. It is the biggest Muslim city on the planet and a critical community for training all through the area and the Muslim world as a rule.

8.  Mumbai, India

Mumbai, India
Mumbai Gateway to India

Mumbai is the capital of the Indian State of Maharashtra and sits on the Arabian Sea on the west bank of the nation. This is a standout among the most thickly pressed urban regions on the planet.

As anyone might expect, it is a noteworthy business and exchanging places in India, in charge of 25% of the nation’s mechanical generation, 70% of the money related exchanges and 70% of the oceanic exchange. The Reserve Bank, Stock Exchange and head workplaces of numerous National and International companies live here.

In the past known as Bombay, Mumbai was additionally home to the Indian film and broadcast business, prominently known as Bollywood (Bombay and Hollywood). The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and Indian Premier League (IPL) are based here and additionally groups in an assortment of different games. The city is likewise rich in writing and music culture.

Being an exchanging port has prompted Mumbai being exceptionally multicultural and the sustenance and stimulation choices here are a demonstration of the colossal assorted variety of humankind in this great place.

9.  New York, USA


Many individuals view New York City as the capital city of the western world and in the certainty it was the capital city of the USA from 1785-1790. It is one of, if not the, worldwide focus of fund, trade, human expressions, form, media and universal discretion.

Established as an exchanging post in the 1600’s, the city straddles the Hudson River and the islands of Manhattan, Staten Island and Long Island. The port of New York is a characteristic safe harbor.

There are numerous notable points of interest in and around the city, including the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park, Broadway, Wall Street, Coney Island, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and some more.

10.  Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sao Paulo skyline, Brazil

Sao Paulo easily blends trade with human expressions and amusement, making a juggernaut economy that has the nations Stock Exchange, the Brazilian Formula 1 Grand Prix, Sao Paulo Art Biennial, Fashion Week, golf Open and the world’s biggest Gay Pride parade.

Rio typically gets the considerations of traveler authors, however Sao Paulo can’t be overlooked.

Conclusion –

These are the Top 10 largest cities in the world that are well-known due to its larger area and population. If you like our information and want to know more about the cities of the world, then stay tuned with us. Our last post we talk about you can check by above link



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