Top 10 places to live in the world

Places to Live in the World

Top 10 places to live in the world – Leading a quality of life and passing one are two distinct things. That is why Alexis Carrel, a Nobel laureate in Physiology once said “The quality of Life is more important than the life itself”. All safe and beautiful cities are not technically great places to live, as they might lack financial stability. In order to have a good life, you need to settle in a place which is economically sound as well as provides an efficient political environment. Infrastructures, transportation and healthcare are other essential attributes that determine whether the city is one of the best place to live in the world or not.

10. Basel, Switzerlandwhere to live

Situated on the river Rhine of Switzerland, Basel is a city known for its museums and has a 35.5% of the population of resident foreign nationals. Being in Switzerland, which is also one of the safest places to live in the world, this city also has a good transport, medical care and astonishing custom life. Due to its stable political environment, amazing infrastructure and high quality of life, it is one of the top cities to live in the world.

9. Copenhagen, Denmarkbest places in the world

Capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is one of the best place in terms of food. Being one of the financial center of Northern Europe, this city is also a culturally developed place. It has modern style of legal system, amazing nightlife and extensive road network system. You will be astounded to know that though it is the most populous city of Denmark, still it is one of the most environment friendly city. That is why, for you it is one of the top cities to live in.

8. Geneva, Switzerlandcheap places to live

Geneva is one of the highest ranked city with respect to quality of life and an important financial center. This city is considered today as one of the best city to live as the transport and infrastructure is strikingly good. It is the headquarter of World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

7. Frankfurt, Germanywhere can I live forever

The fifth largest city in Germany, Frankfurt is a good place to live. Having a disturbing history, for instance this city was bombarded several times during Napoleonic wars, still today it is a hub of commerce and tourism. This city has many high rise buildings and its infrastructure is also astounding being a financial center. For those who love greenery, this is the best destination as Frankfurt has protected green areas that makes it a perfect example of green city.

6. Dusseldorf, Germany

Best Places to Live in the World

Germany’s seventh largest city, Dusseldorf is one of the top cities to live in the world. Famous for art galleries, museums and opera house. It is one of the center point of  Deutsche Bahn (DB) railway network. Famous for its beer, nightlife, music and carnival festival, this city unravels a life of fun and happiness to you. A modern city in all sense, Dusseldorf has altstadt which claims to be the longest bar in the world.

5. Vancouver, Canadabest city to live

Coastal seaport city in Canada, Vancouver is one of the most populous city in the province. Best with respect to quality of life, this city is economically sound country. The Economist Intelligence unit has positioned it third, so you can understand for settling down it is a good place as it opens up many opportunities in different segments of business. That is why it is fourth in the Top 10 places to live in the world.

4. Munich, Germanywhere to live in the world

Being the third largest city of German, it is one of the most sophisticated and refined city. It is home to big giants like BMW, Siemens, Allianz, etc. The infrastructure is amazing here, even it has the second largest airport in Germany and it is one of the top ranked country in quality of life surveys. This is one of the reasons why it is one of the best place to live in the world for anyone.

3. Auckland, New Zealandbest places to live in the world

Predominantly populated with Europeans opens up plenty of job and educational opportunities. Also known as “city of sails”, this place is famous for sailing and you can enjoy anytime travelling on a ferry. Though the roadways and railways is good here, still the personal transport is more popular due to the high fares of public transportation. It is a beautiful place to live with beautiful parks and museums.

2. Zurich, SwitzerlandTop 10 Places to Live in the World

The largest Swiss city is one of the safest place to live in the world and a great place to live. Due to its low tax rates it is the headquarter of many overseas companies and is a pivotal in airways, roadways and railways in the country. Situated on the northern shore of Lake Zurich and is surrounded by beautiful snow capped mountains. Zurich is home to one of the biggest street parties in the world.

1. Vienna, Austriacities in the world

Vienna, the capital of Austria is the best place to live in the world. Home of Sigmund Freud is also known as “the city of dreams”. This is the most prosperous city of the world and one of the richest city for music and culture. It is also one of the wealthiest regions in the European Union. Vienna is also famous for its opera houses and museums. Known for its cafe’s and foods like cutlet of veal, Vienna has an extensive transportation system. This makes it the first choice for top cities to live in.

The list of top 10 places to live in the world is over, but it has introduced you to the different cities in the world that are great places to live. All these cities provide you an opportunity to settle in life, thereby enjoying every moment to the highest level.



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