Transgenic Animals – How and Why They Modified Genetically?7 min read

Transgenic Animals

Transgenic Animals – The transgenic species are produced by several techniques. The 3 major methodologies are popular in the market –

  • DNA Microinjection
  • Retrovirus-Mediated Gene Transfer
  • Embryonic Stem Cell-Mediated Gene Transfer

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Mostly DNA Microinjection is utilized to do these things. It is also termed as “Physical Transfection”. In this process, collect the DNA of distinct or similar species and inject into the pro-nucleus of an ovum.

The DNA inserting procedure is common, but it is not compulsion that the gene will be introduced into the required site. It can be done when host DNA permits this process. Here is a transgenic animals list that will tell you the basics of them.

GloFish Transgenic Animals

GloFish Transgenic Animals

This is a patent brand of Zebrafish that is one of the genetically modified species. With bright colors such as – green, red and orange. The actual zebrafish is longer as compared to Glofish around three centimeters and has stripes of gold and blue color.

In the year of 1999, the famous Dr. Zhiyuan Gong and his team were discussing and working on the gene. This gene is termed as “Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP)”. The procedure of modification is done at the National University of Singapore.

In fact, the green fluorescent protein is mined from the Jellyfish. It is produced from bright green bioluminescence in a natural way. Then, they injected the gene into the embryo of zebrafish. It permits to integrate the genome of zebrafish.

As a result, the fish will be fluorescent in color naturally – white light and ultraviolet light. The major aim was to grow the fish that can able to recognize the pollution. This process was done via chose the shining in existence of environmental toxins. We can say that this is the first transgenic animal that is now becoming a pet and the available public.

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Vacanti Mouse Transgenic Animals

Vacanti Mouse Transgenic Animals

The appearance of this mouse just like a human ear, which is grown on its backside. Vacanti Mouse was a workroom mouse which is genetically modified by experts.

In reality, the shape of the ear was a cartilage of ear structure which is developed via cow cartilage cells. These cow cartilage cells were altered into the biodegradable ear-shaped structure. It is popularly known as “Ear Mouse”.

This was first developed by Dr. Charles Vacanti in 1995 at the University of Massachusetts. It is majorly formed to reveal the fabricating technique of cartilage structures. It is necessary to transplant the structures in human patients.

Sudden Death Mosquito Transgenic Animals

Sudden Death Mosquito Transgenic Animals

A famous British Biotech organization – Oxitec has developed mosquitoes, which were genetically engineered. These were designed for sudden and early death. The technology of Oxitec is a kind of proven procedure is known as “Sterile Insect Technique”.

This technique includes male insects which are illuminating and cause mutations that help to make them sterile. After release into the wild, they companion with the females and pass on genes of lethal.

It may kill the females or younger ones. Then she doesn’t get success to reproduce. The aim to genetically modified the mosquitoes are to control the spread of dengue fever. Now, scientists have proof to control this disease via mosquitoes.

Dolly the Sheep Transgenic Animals

Dolly the Sheep Transgenic Animals

It really hits the transgenic animals list. When she has first replicated the animal, which was formed from a solely microscopic cell from a single parent. The methodologies of cloning are utilized along the worldwide. Now, few individuals use for food, but dolly remains incredible and is the first mammal which was replicated from a somatic cell which was an adult.

The replication/ cloning is done via the nuclear transfer procedure. Generally. Offsprings are an outcome of sex cell interaction. But, in the case of dolly sheep’s birth, the sex cells were not indicated. These species of sheep cloned by Scotland’s professionals. Dolly the sheep is popular in the respective breed and able to produce 6 lambs.

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See-Through Frog Transgenic Animals

See-Through Frog Transgenic Animals

There are lots of sparking controversies in the world, dissecting the animals is one of them. Even, various organizations create simulations of the computer just like an alternative of cruelty. As we know, high schools’ students dissect the normal frogs to know the organs. Hence, see-through frogs don’t need such kind of dissection to check its eggs, blood vessels and organs.

The reason behind that, this species of skin is crystal clear and individuals can see their organs and its growth easily. People can see through its skin – how cancer starts and grows and other things. This is a miracle of genetic development and definitely a finer gift to various students.

Less Flatulent Cows Transgenic Animals

Less Flatulent Cows Transgenic Animals

As we know, Cows are famous for the production of Methane in a large quantity. Another one is a greenhouse effect. It is a natural process to produce methane via its digestive procedure. Particularly, it is a bacterium that causes from the diet of grass and hay of cow. These both the things are full of cellulose. The Agriculture scientists of Alberta University worked to recognize the issue of bacterium which is a major cause of methane.

The Agriculture scientists of Alberta University worked to recognize the issue of bacterium which is a major cause of methane. Hence, they developed such kind of cattle that can produce 25% less than the normal ones. As well as, prevent from the methane bacteria.

Ruppy Transgenic Animals

Ruppy Transgenic Animals

Shortest abbreviation of Ruppy – “Ruby Puppy”. It is a duplicate beagle of South Korea. They display their red color under the ultraviolet lights. They are formed in the year of 2009 via scientists of South Korea.

It is a species of dog which is replicated by viral transfection. This process is completed of fibroblast cells along with protein which shows the gene of red fluorescent color.

Enviropig Transgenic Animals

Enviropig Transgenic Animals

A pig, which was genetically produced for a creation of phosphorus in a waste of the animal. After approval of professionals, it is used for limited production less than 65%. Hence, it is environmentally friendly and useful. The Enviropig is also termed as “Frankenswine” which was modified in a generic way.

This species of pig consists DNA of mouse and E. Coli. However, it can easily digest and process the phosphorous effectively. When it can able to digest phosphorus, hence no need to feed extra phosphorus to them. The major reason for the creation of such pig species, normal ones contain high-level phosphorus.

When this high-level use like a fertilizer, then it mixes with water and cause algae blooms. As a result, the depletion of oxygen increases and death of marine life. Enviropig has low-level phosphorus and they wouldn’t harm any animal of aquatic.

Web Spinning Goats Transgenic Animals

When we talk about natural foods, then durable and flexible spider silk is extremely worthy. If our professionals were capable to develop it on a high scale, then it must be more useful. It is worthy for parachute cords, ligaments which are artificial and others that are significant in these things.

To fix all the issues, Nexia Biotechnologies start the creation of genetically developmentally animals. Hence, they engineered goat that can able to produce a protein which is found in the web of spider’s milk.Forgetting this milk, they insert a dragline silk gene from spiders in this game of goat. Individuals can be utilized this silk milk to produce the Biosteel which is similar a web material.

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Fast Growing Salmon Transgenic Animals

Fast Growing Salmon Transgenic Animals

The Fast-growing salmon is one of the transgenic organisms and Aquabounty made this contribution. It comes under the list of world’s genetically modified animals in different forms. The growing speed of this fish is double among the original one along with similar color, texture, odor, and flavor as well.

This is an Atlantic Salmon fish which were genetically engineered to enhance the hormone growth of Chinook Salmon. Hence, they can easily develop the essential growth hormone during the whole year. The hormones always activated only because of ocean pout’s gene.

Still, this is a debate, discussion, is safe to eat or not? If the FDA approves this fish, then it doesn’t need a label that these are modified genetically.These are the list of transgenic animals which was genetically modified for particular purposes. Hence, read the above-mentioned details of such animals and enhance your knowledge in this stream.


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