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Explore more about the various Green Tea | and it's specific benefits.

Different Types of Green Tea

Types of Green Tea – Having its roots in the Chinese dynasties, green tea is one of the most commonly consumed teas in the world. You can find people all across the globe drinking green tea and mostly it is for having a better health and reducing weight.

Although this tea is produced from the same plant that produces black tea Camellia Sinensis plant. Still it differs greatly in the taste, color and flavor. The major reason behind this is that green tea is less oxidized as it undergoes through different process of production. This has also led to the different types of green tea.

Here some of the most famous varieties of green tea and its benefits have been discussed. Scroll down to learn more about it.

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Types of Green tea and its health benefits

Have you ever given a thought that how many types of green tea are there. If not, then you must check out these types of green tea.


If you are looking for a green tea which is rich in Vitamin C then Sencha is the best option for you. Being picked up the first, the leaves of this green tea contains high level of Vitamin C. That helps in boosting your immune system and be instrumental in fighting cold.

Technically, this is a Japanese green tea is and is produced from the first flush or the second flush of the leaves. It is grown in direct sunlight. After harvesting it is steamed and nit pan-fried. which is done in the production of Chinese green tea. The leaves are then dried out and rolled in a needle-like shape that helps in releasing all the juices retained in the leaves. Also ensure that gets an intense flavor.

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There are many who do not like the earthy flavor of green tea and look for green tea with sweet flavor. If you are also someone like this then you must try Gyokuro. Containing high level of L- theanine due to its sweet flavor, this tea offers you many health benefits. L- theanine is an amino acid, which affects your neurotransmitters to create a calming effect. Presence of L- theanine high level is the result of the shading of the tea leaves from the exposure of sunlight almost two to three weeks prior to harvest.

This also ensures that the chlorophyll remains higher in this tea. Even the presence of caffeine in this tea is of great help as it stimulates your nervous system and improves the brain function. This hiding of leaves from sunlight is the major difference between the production of sencha and Gyokuro that affects the attributes and the taste of the tea profusely. This also affects the production cost, thereby enhancing the cost of the Gyokuro green tea in general.


The nutrients, vitamins and minerals could be found the most in this green tea types, as it doesn’t undergo rolling. Tencha is a beverage that not only boosts your energy but also improves your metabolism. The presence of caffeine in it rejuvenates the energy of your body and when taken before exercise enhances the level of doing exercise.

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Just like Gyokuro Tea, it also requires shading or hiding of plant. The only difference lies between the two is that Gyokuro is rolled after getting harvested and cultivated, while Tencha does not go through this process at all.


Matcha is one of the most popular green tea that most of you use. This is also used profusely in Japan’s formal tea ceremony and is technically a ground up form of Tencha. Being powdered it is quick to prepare matcha by boiling water for 80 degree Celsius. It is also used in preparing homemade green tea based facial scrub. This type of green tea ensures that your body remains healthy and clean.


Konacha means a powder tea but is not really a powder green tea. This is basically the bits of leaves or small leaves that are filtered during the production of Gyokuro tea or Sencha tea. That is why the qualities of this tea falls in the between the Gyokuro or Sencha green tea. It is quite bitter and to reduce this bitterness, it is roasted into Houjikonacha, which gives it a better and more robust flavor. You can find this tea at sushi restaurants as “agari” and its strong aroma can have a long lasting impact on you.

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Apart from this you can also find many types of green tea flavours and some of these have been mentioned here:

Mint Green Tea

If you like the flavor of mint then you will absolutely love this green tea. This will definitely uplift your mood and will give you a refreshing flavor. This green tea type has amazing restorative power as it contains the freshness of mint and benefits of green tea.

Basil Green Tea

You want to enjoy the benefits of herbal tea then this is the best option for you. The presence of basil in this green tea offers you a lot abundance of phytonutrients in addition to the antioxidants. It gives you a great flavor and boosts your immunity too.

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Honey Lemon Green Tea

Bursting with the flavors of honey and lemon, this type of green tea ensures that you get loads of antioxidants. It keeps you fresh and energized as the presence of caffeine, polyphenols and tannins stimulates your brain function.

If you are someone who wants to try different types of green tea, then the aforementioned green tea flavors will be of great help. You can try each one of it and then stick to the one that you like the most. All these different types of green tea and their benefits mentioned above highlights. One important point that green tea is very healthy. You just need to start taking it regularly and you will see the result yourself. Having said that, you should also consult your doctor or dietician to determine how many cups of green tea is enough for you.


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