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unusual beaches around the world

Unusual Beaches – Beaches are loved by everyone around you. This amazing destination is always in the list of the travel places for the backpackers. A shiny day, smooth air, birds, and nature are enough to make your mood absolute stunning. Here the some of the most unusual beaches are listed, if you never visited there, plan it once and I bet you, they will take your heart away. Plus don’t forget to comment your most loved unusual beach.

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Maldives Beach Takes the Stars to the Shore


Truly the incredible sight to watch, it seems like you are in another world. This amazing view of Maldives beach is affected by a [highlight]bioluminescent phytoplankton (a group of chemicals).[/highlight] However, this is a small creature of nature and you can’t explore it with open eyes, but gathered together they make the super light show. If you want to spend your time with your love for some cute couple things, then plan this unusual beach holiday destinations which will give your love life a sweet boost.

The Beach of the Cathedrals


The creative hands of nature can do anything. Over the years the water hits these rocks. And now these are looks like beautiful cathedral design. The view is absolutely amazing and listed to unusual beaches of the world.

Playa Del Amor (Hidden Beach)


The safest beach for couples who made for each other. The beach is also known as the hidden beach because of its look. It is located in the west of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Really the bizarre look of the beach makes it to the list of the unusual beaches around the World.

Maho Beach located in Saint Martin


The beach normally looks like your everyday beach, until a plane almost knocks your heart beat. People come here just to feel the unbelievable disturbance and the power which is created by the airplanes. The airport is just next to the beach shore.

Jokulsarlon, Iceland


This is really unusual beach and the blue water and the tan sand makes it unusual. The combination of black volcanic sand with a dark shadow to the chunks of ice so liter the beaches like crystals.

Panaluu Black Sand Beach located in Hawaii


When basalt lava streams into the sea it freezes very fast, creating the black dust found on this beach. Located within Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and the little village of Naalehu, the jet black beach is an unforgettable sight.

Grass Beach In Kourou, French Guiana


Normally beaches have lots of sands; the unusual thing about this beach is it have “Grass.” The greenery of the unusual beach will make you confused to how could it be possible.

Glass Beach in California


Established near Fort Bragg in California, Glass Beach looks different & cool but is really sort of depressing. A long time ago, citizens used to discard their garbage in these waters. Today, the glass all over the shoreline is from waste supplies reached back onto shore and crushed regularly by the water, changing the sandy shores into glassy shores.

VIK Beach in Iceland


This is not an easy task to find black sand beaches caused by volcanoes in Iceland. If you are looking to get the location like this then VIK beach can full fill your blank spaces.

Cave Beach located in Algarve


Limestone slab is quickly consumed by the regular force of water, although the results are just beautiful. The bizarre look of the beach, make it one of the most unusual beaches around the world.

Pink Sand Beach (Unusual Beaches)

Pink-Sand-Beach most unusual beaches around the world

The pink sand located at this beach is made by loose pieces of coral cut down in the beach and then reached ashore by the waves. The look of this beach is lovely as the Bahamas. However, this is not listed in the list of the cheapest places to travel.

Giant’s Causeway Beach


This impressive and interesting formation transpired over 50 million years ago when basalt lava raised to the surface. After it froze, it began to crack into the marvellous columns and structures you see today. One the most loved which belongs to the most peaceful country in the world will take your heart away once you feel the real nature around it.

Papakolea Green Sand Beach


The location is surrounded by the volcanic mountains. It may be a reason why the beach has green sand. The lava of these mountains flows down to the sea and cools itself and then it transform into the green sand. This sheet is incomplete if you left this name outside of the list.

Red Sand Beach located in Rabida


White, Pink, Green and now Red, the list of the unusual beaches is getting more interesting with these amazing beaches of the world. The reason behind the red sand over the shore is “The oxidization of iron-rich lava”.

Pfeiffer Purple Sand Beach


Now Go Purple! another colorful beach found in the world. The purple spots of dust found completely on the beaches of this California beach in form of manganese garnet deposits.

The world is full of the amazing and unusual things which are truly unbelievable. These were the bizarre and unusual beaches around the world. If you are a bizarre reader then you must see these most bizarre hotels of the world. Comment below which one you have listed to plan your next holiday destination.


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