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unusual houses of the world

Unusual Houses – The biggest deal for an individual is to have its own home, just because it’s your permanent house. People try to find a great home which may fulfill their dreams. Sometimes they spend more money than it deserves. However, everyone has their own opinion about buying a home. And the most important thing is the design of the house. You can spend money on your needs, but these ideas will make you shocked. The bizarre look of these houses makes them the unusual houses in the world.

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10. Space Ship House:


Including HGTV this house got many headlines in many newspapers and magazines. The house is known for its unique design. The whole house is hanging on 6 pillars with a specific height so you can park your ride here. The house is surrounding by many small square-shaped windows which give you a rich feel. The front steps of the house are door steps which are looks like the staircase. The house is located just near by the Tennessee River. The area of the house is not much big but almost enough which is around 2000 square feet, the house included 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.

9. The Shoe House


The idea of the shoe house was developed by the prodigal millionaire Colonel Mahlon M. who was the “shoe wizard of the York”. Mr. Mahlon used to invite their friends, family and other people to stay in the house. The design of the house was also made by himself. Now this house used as a museum to remember Colonel Mahlon M. The dimension of the house are it is 45 feet in length, 17 feet wide and 25 feet of height. The accommodation is quite good with 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 1 kitchen as well living room too. The house has 5 different levels.

8. The Nautilus House


Near the Mexico City an amazing design is developed by Javier Senosiain. This is a shell-inspired design. The actual inspiration for this house comes from the Lloyd Wright and Gaudi. The house is not comfortable for big families this is designed for small families (not more than 4 people). The amazingly creative feature of the house is the inviting entry-way with the colorful impaired glasses. With many other cute things will take your heart away. You should visit it once if you really want to surprise yourself.

7. The Mushroom House


Call it’s a Mushroom house or a tree house that’s all up to you. The concept was developed by the architect Terry Brown who was an interior designer and Architecture Professor at the University of Cincinnati. The house id located in Cincinnati, OH.

Without the help of the university students, it is very typical to create the idea like this. With the name of the second of architecture’s this house was built between 1992 to 2006. In the year 2006 the house was put on sale and in 2008 Terry Brown passed away. However, the house is still there to visit. In the list of the unusual houses, you can’t miss that. The thought behind this creation was to explain the movement of the music and nature, where both of these can be felt together. The creation of the Terry Brown was appreciated by getting his work exhibited at the National Building Museum, Contemporary Arts Center. His unpredictable creation was also characterized in many records.

6. Hotel Dog Bark Inn


This beagle-shaped house was built in 2003. The idea was developed by Dennis Sullivan & Frances Conklin. The dog Bark inn is now actually a hotel which is considered as one of the most weirdest hotels of the world.

5. The Toilet House


Sim Jae-Duck who is a late mayor of Suwon, South Korea, was born in a restroom. This idea was actually not generated by his birth place, it actually comes while celebrating 2007 opening of the World Toilet Association. The people who don’t have toilets, this association help them to help a clean and working sanitation system for more than two billion peoples. The area of the house is very large, it’s around 4500 sq ft.

4. VW Beetle House


The Master Builder Markus Voglreiter have invented in amazing house. It is located in Giri, near Salzburg, Austria. The total inspiration for this home comes from Volkswagen Beetle car. The house was normal house and the style was 70’s, however it was renovated completely. The modification of the house was completed in 2003. The VW Beetle House was an Eco-friendly and energy adept home.

3. The Fallingwater, Pennsylvania


The house is very old, it designed by Famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935 for the Kauffman family. In that period this family had the famous Kaufmann Department store, and they generally spend their vacations the bear stream in a small place. But later they have decided to renovate this small cabin and the hired the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

2. The Steel House, Ransom Canyon, Texas


The amazing architect and artist Robert Bruno have designed this unexpected steel house. This pig-like building made out of 110 tons of steel. And the interesting thing about this house is it take more than 20 years to complete. The house is not just a house it is the first runner up for the unusual houses of the World.

1. The Bubble Palace


The stunning palace of bubbles was designed by Antti Lovag. The artist is famous for its renovations against the traditional architectural rules and designs. The Antti Lovag is the specialist in the modification of any design. This is really scary and it deserves to win the title of the unusual houses of the World. The house is located on the southwest coast of France. The building is just 50 years old and it gets placed on the list of the historical monuments by the Government of the France.

So what is next you are planning? If you still need some refreshment then you can visit any of these bizarre or the unusual houses of the World. They may make you a little bit uncomfortable. However, visiting once just for fun and adventure you can book a ticket to them. If you have visited more unusual houses than these, let us know we will study and update.


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