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weirdest hotels in the world

Weirdest Hotels – If you’re bored of visiting in luxury hotels, and now you want to change your taste, then you must try something special and extraordinary. And if I serve you some amazingly interesting hotels, will you plan your tour, therefore? Okay then, here is a list of top weird hotels you will love them.

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1. Dog Bark Park Inn


Do you love dogs? If yes then you are going to fall in love then again. Located in Cottonwood, Idaho this dog shaped hotel is amazing. You can plan your tour with friends too; with the very enough space in the room you can stay persons together.

The architects of the hotel were inspired and motivated by their love for dogs and animals. They have decided to create some extraordinary look to the hotel so they choose the dog pattern so it can more attract the people and tourists. And the more interesting thing is, this hotel allows the pets and serves the dog food also.

2. Das Park Hotel


This hotel is located in Linz, Austria. The thing which makes it one of the top weirdest hotels in the world is the rooms of the hotels actually re-purposed by drainpipes. Another, example of how to use the wastage material. To transform the pipes into an amazing accommodation, the artist used varnish and wall paintings. The size of the room is not much enough but you can still manage yourself easily and comfortably.

3. Palacio de Sal


Located in Bolivia this hotel actually made of “salt.” Not just the floor even walls and the roofs are also made of salt. “Palacio de Sal” the meaning of this term is “Palace of salt”. There are 16 rooms and some rules also just because of its actually made of salt blocks.

4. CasAnus


A giant architecture of human organ this one of the weirdest hotels is located in Kemzeke, Belgium. The inspiration of CasAnus was collected by the art lovers. The rooms of the hotel actually contain all accommodation like heater, shower, double bed and toilet. This entire hotels model is based on eco-friendly mode. The material which is used to create this is wood, PU foam with a natural red color. This hotel is small in size so the construction was done very quickly. You would awe this place.

5. The Hobbit Motel


Welcome to Woodlyn Park, New Zealand, which is listed to most peaceful countries in the world. This one is amazing accommodation “The Hobbit Motel”. The amazing thing about this hotel is; it keeps you cool is summers and warm in winters because the entire hotel is made out of Polystyrene Blocks and the roof of the hotel is made of a thick layer of glass and a heartwarming view through every window. If you want to enjoy Billy Black’s Kiwi Culture Show you must visit this place and you can participate in this cultural festival. Finally, you gonna love this place.

6. Turkish Caves, Cappadocia, Turkey


This place is established in one of the fascinating locales in the Cappadocia region, in the city of Gerome. This unique cave hotel merges of original houses and cave homes of the ancient time with the convenience of the modern era. The fairy and the surprising landscape add itself to the list of the weirdest hotels of the world.

7. Capsule Hotels


The most popular thing in Japan is Capsule Hotels. The idea was discovered in 1979 to move the Japanese culture ahead. If you just want to spend some time alone and need a dense sleep then this accommodation is perfect for you with the basic services. However, the rooms are small in size, measuring 1×2 meters but enough space for one person.

8. Icehotel


Confused! But true. This hotel is completely made of ice and the architects are always on duty. They rebuilt the hotel every year. They say this is more than a hotel. Basically, this is an art project made of slow and ice. The hotel has 65 sweets which are made of ice. And the weirdest thing about the hotel is the temperature which is almost -5 degree celsius which is actually warmer than the outside temperature.

9. V8 Hotel


If you are a car lover and looking for such theme to stay at the hotel then V8 Hotel located in Germany is the address you actually need to note down. The theme of this hotel is based on designer vintage cars and expensive cars which create an amazing racing mood. The each room of the hotel is based on a different theme. You can choose from many options. Plus the hotel gives you free internet and may be laundry services just confirm before booking.

10. The Forest Hut Hotel


This hotel is considered as the most ancient class of hotel in Sweden which does not have the electricity and shower facilities included. There is a pure spiritual atmosphere that you will observe here which will make you fall in love with the place immediately. There are two beds and lots of fire lights like lamps, candles and fireplaces. If you want to take shower then go to the park and take a natural bath by dipping into a lake outside. The place is enclosed by thick forests so you need to ask guides to visit the entire area.

So, what are you waiting for just confirm a booking in any of these weirdest hotels which will make your day special and extraordinary. These are the world’s top weirdest hotels which are famous for their own special features. If you have visited more weird locations than these let us know.

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