Hidden WhatsApp Trick: You Can Use WhatsApp as a Private Store2 min read

WhatsApp Trick

WhatsApp Trick – There is the almost 2nd person on this planet, know what is WhatsApp and how to use it. However, let figure it out once again. WhatsApp is a perfect application to use for messaging. If you have a smartphone in your pocket then you can easily get it from the store, and the most important thing about this cool app, it’s free.

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You have been doing WhatsApp originally for text messaging and calling. However, there are a few of other exciting uses for WhatsApp that will help increase the efficiency value of this app even more. Other than interacting with the external world, you can also use WhatsApp to:

  1. Scanned documents, voice memos, notes, Capture and save ideas and everything else in you own special warehouse space that is available from everywhere.
  2.  Documents, fast sharing web links, screenshot sharing and so many things like file transfer and many more without any hard sign up.

Just follow, this simple WhatsApp trick and you can create your own private room at WhatsApp. Where you can store any of your important data such as, voice memo, pdf files, picture and documents.

  1. Create a virtual contact inside your WhatsApp contacts. (Because you can send message to your own contact number)
  2. Open WhatsApp application on your phone and tap on the new group.
  3. Add any contact from your address book (that virtual contact) to this group. Simply name it and save.
  4. Now go to the group in WhatsApp, tap the subject to view the list of members.
  5. Tap and hold the lone member in this list and remove them from the group.

whatsapp tricks

That’s it. What you now have a personal store in WhatsApp that is only accessible to you. You can use this simple and easy WhatsApp trick to keep your important data safe and always with you.

Moreover, if you love to transfer these data to your computer then try web.whatsapp.com and connect your mobile phone and computer and you can easliy make any transfer.


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