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Where To Travel in December

Where To Travel in December: Usually, people search best places to travel in December. Lots of marvelous destinations in the world that can fulfill your dreams with dreamland Places To Live In The World. As well as, clear your confusion about where to go on holidays?

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This is the last month of the year that gives you a chance to complete your year’s resolution. Before they reset, you can enjoy and get ready for next resolution. Hence, take the benefits of this magical season to go at a gorgeous place, whether it is far or near.

Now, check out this fulfilled list of adorable places, or best December holiday destinations-

1. Where To Travel In December: Israel

Where To Travel In December Israel

Where To Travel in December but this is the finest place to spend the holidays with family members. It is the holy land which reconnects the Christmas spirit. Lots of individuals visit this place to experience the holy spirit.

In December, several kinds of events are organized every year. The Carol singing and Public broadcast of “Midnight Mass in Bethlehem’s Manger’s Square” are ultimately shown. There is no one who wants to miss these things if they are in Israel.

This is the finest time to visit Israel due to the normal temperature around 15-20-degree Celsius. Whereas in mountains, 10-1-degree Celsius. Generally, professionals said December is winter and this is a time of the rainy season. Sometimes, the rain and sunny days come alternately. Hence, it has nice weather that enhances the joy of travelers.

2. Kerala, India

Kerala India

The frosty mornings of Kerala are really marvelous and attractive. The locals are also enjoying the monsoon end by roaming the beaches in droves. Once visit this ultimate destination, I assure you will never ever forget the beautiful memories of Kerala.

The actual highlight of this place is the opportunity to take a drive over boat cruise which is around the Kochi harbor. This is a way to explore the backwaters of Kerala in a traditional style. As well as, watch the adorable sunset over the Kovalam beach.

A large amount of the Christian community gathered on the eve of Christmas. The decoration and lightings are extremely eye-catching. Nobody wants to miss the celebrations of Christmas night with their loved ones.

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3. Chile’s The Atacama Desert

Chile’s The Atacama Desert

If you’re looking where to go on holiday in December, then Atacama Desert of Chile is perfect. You can spend your vacations here tremendously. It is the driest place on the planet. Prefer a desert village to settle down, which is located in the San Pedro de Atacama.

Afterwards, move on towards the Los Flamencos National Reserve. This is a place where you can explore the variety of sceneries which is famous in the entire world. These scenarios are designed dramatically and attractive too.

Take benefits of cycling, horseback riding, hiking via various places such as volcanic fields, the largest salt flat of Chile, wondering at the Salar de Atacama, etc. few people enjoy their time with stargazing from the sand dunes, admiring the Valle de La Luna and much more.

The Valle de La Luna is also termed as Moon Valley, looking gorgeous in the evening. Also, visit landscapes which offer an unforgettable and memorable environment.

4. Where To Travel in December: Belize

Where To Travel in December Belize

As the season of hurricanes and now, it is a good time to visit this place on holidays and visit – Belize. It is popular as a sun-soaked destination. Generally, travelers pay high prices in seasons (like December).

Brilliant weather in December to seeing the several beautiful sights, explore the Mayan History via a tour of ancient “Xunantunich. Lazing on the beach which is along the coast of the Carribean and attract from the beauty of the Caracol Archeological site.

The place Belize is also well-known for its adventure sports and activities. Here, people can enjoy zip lining and tubing, snorkeling, scuba diving at the Great Blue Hole. This is really incredible and famous in Belize.

5. Guatemala


In December, this place is a peak tourist destination that is able to offer lots of sights. People usually prefer Guatemala to explore the wonderful highlights such as Grand Mayan city of Tikal.

A fantastic cruise tour along the Rio Dulce or travelers can take the experience of Active volcanoes on the peak. As we know, this peak month of vacation is full of various celebrations – Christmas, Burning of Devil (7th dec) and much more.

In the celebration of 7th December, locals burn waste paper and useless household belongings to prepare the holy weeks.

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6. Rio De Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro

The biggest parties kick off in the month of February when the most amazing Carnival crowds are filled in the city. Another fantastic time to visit Rio De Janeiro is December – Christmas time. Generally, travelers come at their Christmas holidays and enjoy a lot with various celebrations.

The celebration in Rio tends to move around the palm trees which glitters with fairy lights, a surfer rides by wearing Santa Suits and floating Christmas tree. As per the statistics, this is the world’s largest floating Christmas tree in Rio De Janeiro, lighten up the Lagoon of Rodrigo De Freitas.

In fact, the New Year eve is also very interesting, a party is hosted on the Copacabana beach. Around 2 million people over there every year and enjoy the live music, fireworks, street food, and champagne.

7. Where To Travel in December: Paris

Where To Travel in December Paris

Lots of European cities are looking magical at the Christmas time, but Paris is best among all. The Eiffel Tower lined by the Christmas tree and gorgeous Champs. Lots of streets, the Elysees, shopping street that has 150,000 twinkling lights dancing.

You can discover this City of lights with lights of Christmas around the Paris. Watch unique mementos in various markets. Also, you can taste a variety of festive dishes such as pumpkin soup and cakes. Even, travelers also learn how to cook.

8. Where To Travel in December: Fiji

Where To Travel in December Fiji

Not full of crowds and cheaper expenses, December is the finest time to go Fiji and spend holidays. There are 330 tropical islands that will give you options to choose and enjoy quality time with loved ones.

There is no way of getting bored because of various gorgeous sights. Plenty of things to do in Fiji such as Scuba diving, island hopping cruise tour, picnics on the beach and so on. You can also become the first person to welcome the New Year if you stick around this destination.

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9. Malaysia

December is the peak season of Malaysia to start filling with the crowds because of peaceful weather. People come here to spot the wildlife in the rainforest of Taman Negara. As well as, hiking amongst the tea plantations in Cameron Highlands and Climbing to the UNESCO World Heritage.

When you are planning to visit Malaysia, then don’t forget to visit Kuala Lumpur. Here, the famous Petronas twin tower is really attractive. It will provide you a melodramatic and an unforgettable framework to the fireworks of NYE.

10. Where To Travel In December: Macau

Where To Travel In December Macau

Well-known for the Vegas of the East, Macau is the most amazing and fascinated destination in terms of vacations. It is popular for its ultimate casinos, UNSECO listed landmarks and sandy beaches.

The major reason to visit Macau in December is the celebration of the New Year. I assure the travelers, that they will never ever forget the memories of New year celebration of this place. This city has around 33 casinos which will showcase its glitzy bashes.

The highlight of this city is dazzling fireworks which will display over the Nam Van Lake. It will be the best holiday destinations to visit in a year and also visit in December.

The best places to visit in December in the world is mentioned in above pointers. We hope these destinations will suit your desires and budget of vacations. In spite of these places, there are lots more variants in the world that will enhance your holiday trip.

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