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White Flowers – Flower is the finest creation by the God and gift to the mankind. The most beautiful and attractive of all are the white flowers. It is a symbol of solitude and romanticism. It is all the beauty, love and tranquility. The white flower forms the soul of a garden and conveys messages from nature to human.

It portrays friendship and looks as picturesque. White flower enhances the beauty of our nature and the color elicits a different and unique emotional response in the viewer. So the most beautiful of all are the white flowers.

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White flowers are inherently positive which are associated with purity, innocence, goodness, heaven, brilliance, faith and soul. We are hereby providing you the information on the top beautiful white flowers on the earth.

1. White Rose


The white Rose conveys respect, pays honor to new starts and expresses hope for the future. It symbolizes innocence and beauty. The white rose has retained its bond with both pure love and formal ceremony in today’s generation, making it a many-purposed memory of unions and ceremonial occasions, such as anniversaries, christenings and graduations.

2. White Tulip


There is no flower that fits more occasions than the white tulip. Its graceful blooms inspire any space with a feeling of serenity and elegance. It represents purity, sense of hope and forgiveness. A garden with lots of white tulips creates the magic of heaven on earth.

3. Camellia


It is a beautiful flowering shrub having a long blooming season. Camellias are seen as lucky symbols for the Chinese New Year. So this flowering shrub maintains a holy reputation in China. This white flower usually grows in January to March.

4. Lily of the Valley


This flowering plant is among the most fragrant white growing plants in the spring and early summer throughout the northern temperate zone. Lily of the valley has been used in weddings, although this white flower can be very expensive. It is quite attractive and loving.

5. White Daffodils


It is a beautifully scented white flower which offers good blooms which are fragrant, long lasting and boldly colored. The white daffodils are the incarnation of love and chastity. Hence this flower is commonly used in wedding functions and as a token of respect.

6. Iris

Iris white flower

This white flower is a symbol of life, love and light. It is easy to grow. It is very graceful and eye-catching flower. So it is used in decoration to create a fantastic atmosphere. And above all, the blooms of this flower are gorgeous.

7. White Daisy


This white daisy flower is the most beautiful flower in the floral world. White Daisies convey cheer and joy in spades. Not surprisingly, daisies are popular both for gifting and growing in gardens. Daisy symbolizes innocence and purity. It can also symbolize new beginnings.

8. Rosa Iceberg


The white Rosa iceberg flower is the most beautiful flower of all. The flower satisfies the sense of touch and light. This white flower is the sign of love and a symbol of sacrifice, regard and respect.

9. White Hibiscus


The beautiful white hibiscus flower symbolizes optimism and hope. White hydrangea is mostly be fitted for gardens but at times it is also used for bouquet design purpose. White hibiscus is a symbol of friendship and devotion and represents deep understanding.

10. Magnolia Flower


The Magnolia flower represents sweetness and friendship. It reflects perfection, beauty and purity. This wonderful flower with an irresistible fragrance is rarely used for decoration purpose and is mainly used in the cosmetic and perfumery industry for its wonderful scent.

11. White Orchid


The white orchid flower is the most beautiful flower in nature which represents true bond and friendship. It is the symbol of serenity, hope and virtue. This astonishing white flower is used in wedding functions and flower arrangements. The beauty of this white flower is exotic.

12. Jasmine Flower


The flower is mostly used for decorative purposes as jasmine flower impart a pleasant smell. The scent of this flower also contributes to the perfume industries. Besides this, it also has an elegant appearance. Tamil Nadu is famous for jasmine production in India. This white flower is also used as the symbol of motherhood.

13. Peony


Peony is the most popular garden flower which usually blooms in the early summer or the late spring. This flower has been frequently used in the traditional medicines of china, Japan and Korea. It is also known as the king of the flowers in China. The white peonies represent hope, virtue and grace.

14. Trumpet Flower


As the name suggests, the flower represents a trumpet in shape. The flower blooms are white and fragrant. This white trumpet flower blooms in the month of May and June. To keep this flower healthy, it ensures full sun and adequate amount of water. This white trumpet flower represents modesty and grace.

15. Dogwood


This beautiful white flower is the native of U.S. It blooms in the early spring for 3 -4 weeks. Dogwood flower adds beauty to nature with its pleasant look and shine. This white flower develops a unique mythology of its very own. Though the flower is not so common in our country, it has a very rare kind present in the northern part of India.

These are the mystic and exotic white flowers present in our nature which showcases the extreme beauty of the environment. Hope the flowers suit your garden and glamorize it.

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