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Youngest female billionaires

Youngest Female Billionaires – Transforming her in every arena of society, women power is creating history on all aspects. This is evident from cooking delicious dishes in the kitchen to earning a big Fat 6 digits salary in the commercial area.

The year 2016 marked a new milestone in feminism when the most number of young ladies witnessed their presence among the youngest and richest. [highlight]The world’s fortune of $876 billion rested in the hands of female billionaires in 2015 among whom 44% sourced it from their own self-initiative.[/highlight]

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Here are the top 10 Youngest Female Billionaires who took the world by storm in terms of wealth:

1. Perenna Kei (Age- 26 years, Wealth- $1.3 Billion)


With a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance from the University of London, the lady inherited 85% in Logan Property Holdings from his father and CEO cum chairman of the company, Ji Haipeng. Logan Property Holding Company Limited is a leading property developer and investor in Shenzhen in the People’s Republic of China.

The major control of the company still rests in the hands of Ji Haipeng. The huge share in the wealthiest firm of China gives her a position above Facebook co-founder, Dustin Moskovitz who owns 10 billion USD. Currently, Perenna is working as non-executive director of the company. She has the top position of world’s youngest female billionaires.

2. Elizabeth Holmes (Age- 32 years, Wealth- $3.6 Billion)


A lady that changed the pharmacy industry and brought the fortune of billions in her share. Elizabeth Homes is the most beautiful women & youngest billionaire in the list that brought this title on her won. This Stanford University drops out is the owner of “Theranos”, a blood testing company.

The company employs the concept of the painless prick to blood tests that raised $400 million from venture capitalists. Elizabeth has 50% stake in this $9 billion company making her queen of $4.6 billion. Her name is enough to talk about the youngest female billionaires in the world. Plus she has the most beautiful eyes too.

3. Yang Huiyan (Age- 35 years, Wealth- $7.2 Billion)


This Ohio University graduate is the youngest female billionaire and one of the richest women in China. She owns a big real estate developer firm, “Country Garden” that was founded by his father Yeung Kwok Keung in 2007. The company has grossed $65 million in its first step in the Australian market. Currently, she is growing her humanitarian as well as marketing skill as vice chairman and board member of Country Garden.

4. Marie Besnier Beauvalot (Age- 36, Wealth- $3 Billion)


This cheese entrepreneur holds 100% stakes of her family firm “Lactalis”. Lactalis is a French dairy company which is famous for selection of hundreds of variety of cheese and other milk products. Marie shares her position with her two siblings, Emmanuel and Jean-Michel. The company owns 84% of shares in their once competitor Parmalat. Marie has played an important role in expanding the biggest dairy producer of Europe to China and Southeast Asia.

5. Yvonne Bauer (Age- 39 years, Wealth- $2.8 Billion)


Yvonne Bauer is the owner of 85% stake of the giant media firm “Bauer Media” headed by Bauer family from five generations, since 1875. She inherited it from her father Heinz Bauer in the year 2010. After graduating from the University of Bamberg in German philology, Yvonne worked as an apprentice in a publishing house” Hoffmann and Campe” till she joined Bauer media in 2005. Along with a popular name, Yvonne holds a strong point of view towards freedom of press and freedom of expression.

6. Serra Sabanci (Age- 41 years, Wealth- $1.1 Billion)


Turkey’s largest industrial and financial venture is inherited by Serra Sabanci making her world’s youngest billionaire and 28th richest person in Turkey. She holds the honors from the department of Economics from the University of Portsmouth and Istanbul Bilgi University.

She started her career at Temsa and served in many important positions in various companies. Her father Ozdemir Sabanci was shot down by the leftist group DHKP-C in 1996 since then she is serving as leading pillar of Sabanci conglomerate and philanthropic Sabanci Foundation.

7. Ana Lucia de Mattos Barretto Villela (Age-43 years, Wealth- $1.67 Billion)


Ana Lucia is the great-granddaughter of the founder of one of the biggest bank of Brazil, “Itau” which merged in 2008 to be named as Itau-Unibanco. The youngest billionaire maintains a low profile appearance with a philanthropic heart.

She and her brother lend their support to Alana Institute, a non-profit organization that works for cultural, social and educational upliftment. Ana was raised by her billionaire Aunt Maria de Lourdes after her parent’s death in a plane crash. She is also a stakeholder in her grandfather’s bathroom fixture and wood paneling firm “Duratex”.

8. Lee Seo- Hyun (Age- 41 years, Wealth-$1.46 Billion)


As the mother, as a daughter, this phrase has been made true by the second daughter of Lee Kun-Hee, chairman of Samsung. Lee Seo is a college graduate from Parson The New School for Design, New York and holds the significant position in Samsung undertaking Cheil industries.

The company is the leading producer of energy solutions, consumer electronics, automobiles and different hospitality and business services. She has made her strong mark in the South Korean fashion industry. Currently, she is promoted as president of the fashion division of Samsung Everland.

9. Laurene Powell Jobs (Age- 51 years, Wealth-$19.9 Billion)


Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Steve Jobs, is the 6th richest woman and the 23rd richest person in the world. She is the 9th richest person in the field of technology and 49th powerful women in the world. Besides having a status of the wife of late renowned techie, Steve Jobs, she has worked hard to make the name of her own. And she done everything right and put her name is the sheet of the youngest female billionaires in the world.

Laurene Powell holds her graduation degree from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania and Stanford University. Jobs is also well known for her entrepreneurial skills. She founded Emerson Collective and College Track to help under- resourced students and advance social reform. As a business woman, she holds the largest stake of 7.7% in “Disney”.

10. Margarita Louis- Dreyfus (Age-52 years, Wealth- $9.2 Billion)


Out of fairy tales, Margarita Louis Dreyfus owns the tenth position among the richest female in the world. The Russian born businesswoman popularly known as “Tsarina” by the French media inherited riches after the death of her husband Robert Louis Dreyfus in 2009.

She owned Louis- Dreyfus Company and soccer giant “Olympique Marrseille”. A common ire life turned as fairy tale after she met her husband and French commodity giant in a flight from Zurich to London in 1988.

After death of her husband by leukemia, she worked consistently to prove her worth in company. She sold the company’s energy trading business in 2012. Her endeavor can be known by the fact that during her time as a chairperson at Marseille, she has reportedly managed to outbid Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed. She is the mother of twin girls and is now married to former head of the Swiss National Bank, Philipp Hildebrand.

These youngest female billionaires are perfect combination of beauty with brains. They have shown the world their power and worth with ambition to grow higher. We guess their limit is sky. The stories are more to come for them and readers.

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